Brought Into Being are a four-piece rock band from Yeovil, Somerset. They have been together for the last 6 years touring all over the UK, into Europe and Brazil bringing an electric stage show, a passion for people, worship and justice. 2014 brings a new energy and momentum to the band with a new album on the way, tours and more.

Bringing together premier-league musicianship, hooks to catch whales on and stage-energy that could power London for a night, these young men are on a mission to set faces for stunned. Have you ever been surprised by a song? You know, the ones that creep up on you and whop you emotionally, or just get your leg twitching with the groove? Well, that's the effect their album 'The Game' has on you.

Debut albums are meant to sum up what a band is about in the flush of youth and that drive to make a difference. 'The Game' delivers this on an epic scale. This is no garage band of teenagers trying to ape whichever over-hyped guitar slingers are currently called cool by NME or Kerrang, this is authentic music, with a huge vision. This is the sound of purpose and promise, punching you in the guts. Rock, with brains, riffs with braun - Brought Into Being are lifting up their audience with their positive but real lyrics and a general air of hope around them.

They invite us to play, and they want us all to win.

Brought into being formed in 2008, originally a 5 piece band made up of Joe Hardy - Lead vocals and guitar, Chris Moore - Drums, Dan Bramley - Keyboard and synths, Jamie Mcseveney - Bass and vocals, Nick Hogben - Lead Guitar and vocals. The first year was spent locked away in a practice room, writing, recording, practicing week in week out. In the spring of 2009 the band started gigging and travelling all over the south west of the UK. In 2010 Nick left the band, this was followed by the release of their debut album 'The Game' in september 2010. After they released 'The Game' they completed 2 tours with Veetacore and [dweeb] launching the album.

In 2011 Brought into being toured with Empire Nation and played shows and festivals up and down the country including Soul Survivor, New Wine and getting to the finals of international battle of the bands 'Surface Festival' and playing at the IndigO2 in London finishing 6th overall.
At the end of the summer in 2011 Jamie left the band and Sol Hardy replaced him playing bass.

Brought into being continue to travel and play all over the place, check out the tour dates page to see them coming to a place near you.