The Game

by Brought into being

'The Game' is the result of two years honing their set and working hard at their craft. Studiously the band have sculpted an impressive sound alongside producer David Evans (BOSH, Veetacore). For a debut album, the music is remarkable complex and draws the listener into an intense experience of yearning for, and finding hope. As a frontman, Joe Hardy has an impressive voice which soars and soothes and brings home lyrics which were mainly penned by himself and bassist Jamie McSeveney who  also takes a couple of lead vocals easily in his stride. The drumming and keyboard playing on this album is particularly noteworthy from the remarkable talents of Chris Moore and Dan Bramley respectively. These are not boys with toys, these are boys with weapons! All in all, this ambitious adventure is one that yields much enjoyment straight away, and steadily unpacks more and more good things with more listening. Remarkable, and this is their debut!